2024 Ford Mustang ‘Remote Rev’ is the latest car key feature


Revving the engine with a key fob may upset enthusiasts or annoy the neighbors, but the new feature is one of the Mustang’s most important features.

Ford Mustang 2024 offers a feature that allows users to use the car key to run the engine. While the Remote Rev is meant to please some people and annoy others, this innovation is just the latest innovation in the Mustang’s core story.

Ford lists the first two-part key in 1967, the first optional key in 1994, and the factory debut in 2015 as other milestones. Whether you think it’s cute or dumb – or both – the 2024 Ford Mustang now has a key that allows the user to run the engine, hence the name: Remote Rev.

We covered this feature when the seventh generation was revealed last year, but now Ford is giving it a new look by releasing a video of it in action, along with a list of other important features of the company think it’s important. First, let’s see how this works.

As shown in the video above, Remote Rev works by first starting the engine immediately when the owner presses the Mustang’s fob lock button once, then presses the remote start button twice.

Starting the rev function requires pressing the unlock button and the lock button in that order. Repeating this process works fine as the rpm increases to 3000, 4000 and 5000 rpm. What the video doesn’t show are cars and coffee shops or angry neighbors shaking their hands.

Mustang Milestones

Long before anyone dreamed of turning their Mustang around with a key fob (or even knew what a key fob was), Ford wanted to give the original pony car a little something, so in 1965 the company released the key for coupe models. and a pony with it.

A few years later, in 1967, Ford introduced a two-sided key that could be inserted into the glass from either side. At the time, these key innovations were state of the art, but it would be nearly thirty years before any further changes were necessary.

Fast forward to 1994 and for the first time people could choose a Mustang with a key fob. Ford followed this up by introducing an anti-theft system called PATS that is linked to a transponder and key. Another significant step waited until 2012 when the Mustang Boss 302 came with TracKey which loaded software into the car’s PCM to improve performance.

The first model with a remote start of the company arrived in 2015, and the following year saw the opening of FordPass, which is an application that allows people to manage car services from their smartphone.

For 2018, a shock-absorbing light was added to the Mustang’s push-button start in an effort to resemble a beating heart.

Aside from the recent debut of Remote Rev, the last major thing Mustang did was the phone-like key introduced in the electric Mach-E. Would anyone agree that every branch of the Ford family is significant? Probably not, since people don’t believe in anything these days, but the 5.0-liter V8 rev is music to our ears, whether it’s isolated or powered up. job.