Here Is the EPA’s List of EVs Eligible for the Full $7500 Tax Credit

Cadillac Lyriq

As of April 18, 2023, these electric vehicles have been declared eligible for a $7,500 federal tax credit.

For better or worse, electric cars seem to be our future. The US government is putting more effort into the change, while the EPA is releasing a complete list of electric vehicles for tax incentives starting from April 18. and they are listed below. To keep the list from being

too long, we haven’t included any hybrid cars in the article, although you can see them in the list above. Some of these electric cars are

already on sale, while others are expected to be released later this year. The long, sleek Caddy crossover rides on GM’s Ultium platform and big dogs like the GMC Hummer EV, but as the car grinds through the sand, the Lyriq is slower to pass and roads. The 102.0 kWh battery

provides an estimated range of up to 308 kilometers of luxury cruising in single-motor mode and up to 307 kilometers in two-motor

configuration. Fans of the K5 Blazer may have seen the 2019 return of the Blazer name to the crossover as something of a blessing.

However, this feeling of dissatisfaction did not stop Chevy from selling them in bulk. The Blazer name is getting better again, with the

introduction of the Blazer EV crossover set to hit the roads later this summer. Range is estimated between 247 and 320 miles depending on

trim, and prices start at $44,995. As the most affordable electric car in the United States today, the Bolt comes in very quickly when you

think about the benefits of using an electric car. The GM team has been selling and improving the Bolt platform since 2016. The driving

experience isn’t very exciting, but considering the estimated range of 259 kilometers and the ability to add 100 kilometers in 30 minutes,

the Bolt is a pretty attractive option.

Like its little brother, EUV packs a lot into a smaller package and price. The 65.0 kWh battery of the EUV manages a range of 247

kilometers, and 200 horsepower provides power to the front wheels. The top Premier trim level can be had with General Motors’ Super

Cruise hands-free driving feature. The EUV is longer, wider and longer than the standard Bolt hatch and comes standard with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto available.