Luke Shaw: Manchester United lack interest, desire, passion and attitude at Newcastle

Newcastle beat Man Utd 2-0 to move up to third in the Premier League; Manchester United will drop to fifth if Tottenham avoid defeat in Monday night’s game at Everton

Luke Shaw admitted that Manchester United beat him with ‘a lot of passion, desire, passion and attitude’ in their 2-0 win at Newcastle – describing the nature of their defeat as ‘unacceptable’.

In a one-sided encounter, second-half goals from Joe Willock and Callum Wilson gave Newcastle an impressive 2-0 win and moved Erik ten Hag’s men into third place in the Premier League. “I don’t think they won the game with character today, they won it with passion, desire, passion, character, and they have a higher motivation than us and that’s impossible,” Shaw told Sky Sports. “I feel like I say the same thing every time we win. It is not acceptable. At Manchester United, that’s impossible.”

Although the scoreline is pretty devastating for Manchester United’s top four hopefuls, the devil is in the details as Newcastle recorded an XG of 3.54 to Man Utd’s 0.54 and the hosts finished 134 sprints ahead of the hosts. . 93. Read all about it – What Shaw and Ten Hag told Sky Sports after Man Utd’s win

Luke Shaw: “It’s not good. Whenever I speak after a game and a bad result, I always do something honest, and we have to be honest as a team. I think Newcastle are a good team, but I don’t think they won the game with quality today.

They got it with passion, desire, desire, attitude and clearly have a higher motivation than us. This is not possible. I feel like I say the same thing every time we lose. This is unacceptable, we know that. It was a great game today and they want more. At Manchester United, that is impossible.

“I’m sorry to say. That is why I say it is unacceptable. We can all agree on that. This is not what we want to be.

In a big game like this, you need that passion, that drive, that passion, and that attitude because it’s a tough place to beat. If we don’t have that body we will suffer,

that is evident on the pitch. We didn’t produce much and you can say [this result] happened even before the international break. We took those levels down, it’s clear to see today that the levels are not there. We have three days to recover because Brentford will be a tough game. “The players are talking in the locker room and afterwards without the staff, because in the end it’s up to us players on the pitch.

It’s far enough that we have to talk about it and accept it . When we leave this pitch, we all have to fight for each other and sometimes this season is not like that. You have to be aware of the problems and solve them quickly because we can still have a good season, but not with results and performances like this.”