Ram Gives Dealers A Look At Midsize Electric Car Concept: Complaints

The electric truck concept is said to share many similarities with the Ram 1500 Revolution concept that was shown at CES earlier this year.


Ram has shared its thoughts on the mid-size electric truck concept with dealers. The electric concept is said to share many visual features with the 1500 Revolution concept (above) that Ram showed off at CES earlier this year.

The concept of the center will fill the gap as the Dakota left in the company’s lineup since the Dakota was discontinued in 2011. Ram is preparing dealers for a midsize EV to enter the lineup in the near future.

The company presented its ideas to dealers at a meeting in Las Vegas for a midsize EV pickup concept, according to an Automotive News report. This new concept apparently shares many of its aesthetics with the full-size convertible concept 1500 that Ram first revealed at the CES tech show in January.

Dealer Randy Dye described the concept as “the look of the future” in a statement to Automotive News. “We’re going to come back to this [midsize] game,” Dye told the publication.

“No doubt, it looks like a ram,” he said. Dye, owner of Daytona Dodge-Chrysler-Jeep-Ram and Maserati-Alfa Romeo of Daytona in Daytona Beach, Fla., told Automotive News that Stellantis employees looked at 30 new products for several brands during the meeting.

Apparently, the meeting is the first of its kind in eight years for dealers who were at Fiat Chrysler Automobiles before forming Stellantis with PSA Group. Ram announced the revolutionary concept 1500 with much fanfare in January. The design is imaginative and innovative, with a large interior design and a third jump seat.

But when the production model was shown a month later, most of the good things that were shown in the concept were gone. Apparently the center door was missed and the third booster seat built into the side. Imports of new mid-size EVs are likely to be received.

Small and midsize sedans from other manufacturers have sold in droves in recent years, and Ram may have completed the 11-plus years without one since the Dakota was discontinued.