The 2024 Lamborghini Revuelto powers the supercar with a 1,001-hp V-12 hybrid.

The Aventador’s replacement features an impressive hybrid engine, impressive performance, comprehensive technology and, get this, a more practical interior.

The 2024 Lamborghini Revuelto retains the 6.5-liter V12, which currently develops 814 horsepower. And it is now a hybrid with benefits with the help of three electric motors.

It has the minimum size set for an electric car but promises great performance. We’ve told you about both the V-12 hybrid powertrain and the carbon fiber version of the long-lived Lamborghini Aventador. And now we can show you the finished car and tell you its name.

This is the 2024 Lamborghini Revuelto.

Yes, as with the famous Lamborghinis, there is a bull connection. Apparently the first Revuelto was fought in Spain in the 1880s. But the exact translation of the name comes from the Spanish, “scrambled,” which fits the redesigned Lamborghini.

It features the apparent paradox of an in-car battery for its new plug-in hybrid, but also the traditional presence of an all-powerful V-12 engine.

A powerful plug-in hybrid
The combination of the 814-hp 6.5-liter V12 and three electric motors will produce a maximum output of 1001 horsepower. There are two electric motors in front of the axle, these are responsible for torque vectoring and dynamic braking.

The third motor is connected to an eight-speed second-clutch transmission that is now mounted behind the combustion engine. The 3.8 kWh battery installed in the middle of the seat can create a maximum current of 187 horsepower, but this can be moved between the three electric motors 147 horsepower as needed.

Unlike the Ferrari SF90 Stradale, the Revuelto can send power to both ends while operating as an electric car. The battery can be charged from the port on the front of the bag,

a negative point indicating that it is only for use. More interesting, although it is a little green, will be the option to use the fuel-injected V-12 that turns the rear electric motor into a generator. It only takes six minutes to charge the battery.


It looks like a Lambo

Revuelto’s design manages to be both popular and unique. Its size and position is a Lamborghini brand – low, low and with a large look gathered at the rear of the car. And there are also many new details, the most significant of which is the hooded headlights placed under the bonnet which now extends to the front of the car.

It’s a specification that, according to Mitja Borkert, head of design at Lamborghini, is based on the Panigale superbike made by Lamborghini’s sister brand, Ducati.

The front also includes the Y-shaped running lights that the Lamborghini Sián will see from 2021, as well as a pair of circular radar sensors that give a new indication of the Revuelto’s technological level with significant improvements.

The side view controls the large air intake behind the door made stronger by the blade-like detail. On top of these, the first thing that seems to work hard is the skin that sits on top of the large air ducts on each side. Borkert describes these buttres as “wind wings” and named them as his favorite detail on the car. The top of Revuelto’s V-12 is visible from the rear engine cover,

which is one of the main features of Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelman. At the rear of the car is a large central air vent under the wing element. We don’t yet have the low-end figures for the car, but chief technical officer Rouven Mohr says the peak figures are higher than those produced by the Aventador SVJ when the all-wheel drive is in the low-drag setting. them. Weight is at least 650 pounds.


The room is more spacious
Lamborghini says that the small space in the snug cabin of the Aventador is one of the biggest complaints from buyers, especially Americans. The Revuelto is large, with head and knee room, and its cockpit gets plenty of storage space (the Aventador doesn’t have that) plus a pair of Porsche-style glass that pops out in front of the passenger position. Rich people have tricks too.

The Revuelto cabin also gets three digital display screens. The driver has a 12.3-inch dash, an 8.4-inch graphic touch screen suspended under the “foreign head” air vent in the middle of the dash that serves as the main operator.

There is also a new 9.1-inch letterbox in front of the passenger, which can be configured to display different numbers of music while the car is moving forward. To our slight disappointment, the wiper and turn signal controls are moved to the front of the steering wheel.

The Aventador is one of the last supercars to be mobile. This ergonomic has been canceled out by the fact that the Revuelto now has a joystick from Audi for active cruise control. Dial controls on the steering wheel hand chassis and powertrain modes, as well as adjustable aero and ride height settings. Impressive performance

The Revuelto received a new mode in addition to the Lamborghini base of Strada, Sport and Corsa: Città, EV-only base intended for low-speed urban areas. The electric-only range will be very limited, as Lamborghini says it will only be six kilometers under European testing standards.

We also learned that the maximum power available will vary depending on the driving conditions. Città limits it to 178 horsepower in EV mode only, Strada raises it to 873 horsepower, Sport raises it to 895 horsepower, and Corsa brings a full 1001 horsepower.

Although the Revuelto’s carbon central structure is both lighter and more powerful than the Aventador, it has lost the weight of the front differential and the driveshaft of its predecessor, and the hybridization has increased the overall weight.

Lamborghini says the 154-pound central battery and front motor add just 81.5 pounds of mass, and the new dual-clutch gearbox weighs 425 pounds, including the weight of its inboard electric motor. Total weight is said to be 3915 kilograms based on Lamborghini’s weight-to-weight ratio, although we don’t know if that includes water or not.