The 2025 Porsche 718 Cayman/Boxster will be Porsche’s first electric sports car.

How will the faithful appreciate an established model that turns electric? We will know next year. WHAT IT IS
Besides the series of one of the best Porsche models, this will be Porsche’s first electric sports car. It doesn’t matter, does it? WHY is it important

An established Porsche model going electronic will send waves through the industry. The 911 may be Porsche’s gold standard, but the 718 is a highly visible car, and its success or failure could define the direction of the electric sports car market. On the platform

It will be the first Porsche on the Volkswagen Group’s PPE platform. This means that almost nothing will be carried over from the current 718. The balance of the chassis will continue to be well adjusted as the battery will occupy most of the space behind the firewall where the

engine sits today, to ensure that the drivability of the current vehicle in the middle of the engine will continue to be compromised . The 900 volt electrical structure will provide the fastest DC charging. VEHICLE POWER

Porsche claims a weight reduction of 3,650 pounds. At this weight, the car will not need much power to provide strong acceleration. Expect the model with one engine and at least 450 by driving back. Later, the second driving engine will bring all delivery in 718, and in the end, there will be a model more than 1000. Competition

The latter models have been used by Boxsters and Caymans; Tesla Roadster (if available); Lotus Emira.


Getting the right emote will make or break 718 EV. If the car is too clinical, as most electric cars are, the enthusiasm for owning one will decrease. Chances are no one wants their toy car to be an electric car. At least not yet.

The price of arrival and waiting
Expect to see the 718 EV early next year, with an on-sale date of fall 2024. Porsche flagships will be available, but the 718 EV will cost about $15,000 more than the current base 718. Look for prices starting at $80,000 and, as always, endless factory options.