The Acura TLX Type S PMC in Gotham Gray will be a limited edition

50 hand-assembled TLX Type S PMC units will share their color scheme with the NSX Type S supercar.

Acura is making 50 more TLX Model S models and the 2023 TLX Model S PMC edition. The lesser-known PMC Edition runs on the TLX Type S model, but will be finished in a premium color, Gotham Grey.

Gotham Gray trims will run at a steeper price tag than the standard TLX Type S, starting at $66,995.

Acura didn’t allow enough time for the red, white and blue colors to dry on the TLX Type S PMC Edition, which is limited to 300 units, before announcing another 50 in Gotham Gray. PMC stands for Performance Manufacturing Center, the same company that built the NSX Type S supercar and will now build the special edition TLX Type S PMC.

We thought the price of the red, white and blue PMC was high when we saw it was $7550 less than the TLX Model S. We still think so, but now Acura is charging an extra $3000 for the honor of owning one of the 50 PMC prints in Gotham Gray. Like the other three PMC editions, Acura removed this color from the NSX, this time from the current NSX Model S, where the matte gray color is a $6,000 extra limited to 70 cars.

Mechanically, all that extra money doesn’t help you. Most of all, it gives you peace of mind that your TLX is one of 50 in Gotham Gray. Underneath, the body is the same you’ll find on the standard TLX Type S. That means a 3.0-liter turbocharged V6 engine with 355 horsepower, eight-speed automatic transmission and Acura’s SH-AWD system with torque vectoring.

Limited edition, hand assembled

All PMC prints are assembled by hand at our Performance Manufacturing Center in Ohio.

The slightly smaller PMC car gets minor visual tweaks from black wheels, badging and door handles to carbon fiber lip spoiler and rear diffuser. Inside, the PMC Edition has a red leather interior with black accents, steering wheel and lots of carbon fiber.

After production, each PMC edition goes through the same quality control process as the NSX, including strength testing, color testing and road simulation. Each miniature car comes with a special PMC Edition plate and a special shipping system that includes a blanket to protect the artwork and delivery to dealers in one sealed car.