The na-ere Lamborghini Hurricane

All remaining examples of the baby Lambo are said to have V-10 power, as production is scheduled to end in 2024.

The Lamborghini Huracán is officially sold. The Italian automaker currently has enough orders to fill the rest of Huracán production until its replacement, due in late 2024, arrives.

Production is being stopped in the Sterrato focused on the road, although we will not pass

Lamborghini to release a special edition or two to commemorate the end of the life of the Huracán, as it happened with the Aventador. The news comes as part of Lamborghini’s first quarter earnings report, which shows the brand’s best quarterly earnings figures. Lamborghini launched 2,623 vehicles in the first three months of 2023, of which 1,599 were Urus SUVs. The other cars are the Huracán and Aventador

models (since Aventador production ends in 2022, some cars may not be delivered until the end of the year). Hopefully Lamborghini will continue to do well. Its first production hybrid, the V-12-powered Revuelto, was sold out two years after its debut. In addition to the hybrid successor of the Huracán, the company plans to diversify the Urus in 2024, with the goal of a full hybrid system by the end of next year.

Its first electric car, the Tourer 2+2, will debut in 2028, followed by an electric replacement for the Urus in 2029.